If you need bespoke cases for tool kits, we have everything at our disposal to design an inserts that are the perfect fit.


Foam Inserts for Tool Control

Designing case inserts for tool kits has been a part of our business for over 20 years. In combination with our branding services, we will design a tool insert that will not only organise your equipment efficiently, but will also provide a high quality, professional finish.

Tool Case Inserts

With the help of our extensive and industry leading manufacturing and design technologies, we can create a highly customised tool organiser for your tools in almost any case or container to suit your personal needs.

Tool Drawers

Using the same technology as our case inserts, we are also able to create individual foam organisers for tool drawers and tool trays. This means that no matter how you want to approach tool control, we will make the design perfect for you.

Foam Colours

From dark greys and black all the way to vibrant yellows, we have a warehouse stocked full of a wide variety of colours to elevate your finished product to your brand aesthetic.