Using our wide range of foam cutting technology and the biggest foam design team in the UK, we supply a wide range of industries with both single use and reusable protective packaging for items in transit. With their vast experience in the automotive industry, we are confident that our design team is the best in the UK to create the most protective and space saving packaging design.

Re-usable Packaging

It has never been more important to try to reduce wastage in our supply chains. Using reusable custom foam packaging, and our wide range of cases and containers, we can provide a service that you can use again and again.

Fabricated Containers

If the item is an unusual shape that does not fit into traditionally stocked container types, we can supply fabricated, plastic corrugated containers, which can be made to any shape or size you require at a low cost.


Using the expansive range of containers at our disposal, we can also provide many different types of dividers to help separate components that could be transported within the same container.