Foam Cutting: Water Jet, Laser Engraving & CNC

We have spared no expense when choosing our machinery. We knew the best would be needed to ensure the highest quality foam cutting service. Here is some of the machinery we have on offer…

Laser Engraving

Using a highly accurate laser we are able to create an intricate design into foam to achieve crisp engraving of your brand, text or any other marking for that matter.

CNC Routing

At MSA we have a range of CNC routing machinery. Utilising the latest CNC technology, the large bed machines enable us to rout multiple units at a time.


Using a force of 60 tonnes this machine cuts out a foam shape by stamping it out in one swift downward motion.

Water Jet

With this machine’s 65,000psi jet of water we are able to cut different intricate shapes into our manufactured foams to create the ideal solution for your project.