The Design Team

At MSA we can confidently say that we have the largest and most dynamic foam design team in the UK.

The unprecedented size of this team, and their combined experience in foam design, means that we can provide you with a complete service like no other.

Here’s a brief guide to how they’ll work with you to design the right custom cut foam you need.

Our Design Process


By either 3D scanning your product at your premises, at our headquarters or taking a CAD (computer aided design) you may already have, we will get the basics of the design you’re looking for.


We will then discuss with you about the finer details of the design and the options available to you, such as foam density, case type and quantity.


An initial design of your foam insert will be provided and, if needed, we’ll make as many adjustments as required to make sure the design is perfect for you. Once approved, a delivery time will be agreed, the design will go out to production.