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We are MPAS accredited and our wide range of experience working with defence organisations such as the MOD stands us in good stead for any project.


Here at MSA we are the biggest foam design team in the UK, with comprehensive expertise in working with the MOD and other defence organisations.

With case inserts made with DEFStan approved foams, designed specifically to your requirements.

We are proud to offer an ISO accredited and MOD approved custom foam service with strong experience in assisting with providing Military Level Packaging, along with obtaining NATO stock numbers. All of which can be customised with inserts, decals and on case screen printing to meet any specification.

Industry Leading Turnaround Process

Our turnaround process has been developed to ensure the highest quality of service, enabling you to receive the finished article in a time most of our rivals cannot hope to match.









Industry Leading Turnaround Process

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MPAS (Military Packaging Approval Scheme)

MSA Foams have recently received the MPAS (Military Packaging Approval Scheme) accreditation to design and manufacture military packaging. MPAS ensures that Military Level Packaging meets the MoD requirements for safe handling, storage and transportation etc., within the military supply chain in a cost effective manner.

The accreditation is awarded following a rigorous training scheme; the process includes the certification of individual designers and the registration of organisations to ensure they have the desired competencies to manufacture military level packaging.

MSA’s Senior Designers are now certified to authorise SPIS designs for Military level packaging, as supplied to the MOD under Defence standard 81 – 41, DEFCON 129 and the Defence Logistics Framework (DLF).

In addition to the ISO standard, MPAS certification verifies that MSA Foams, as a manufacturer, has the capabilities to produce suitable military level packaging for the particular requirement.It demands an in depth knowledge of Defence standard 81-41.