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The Max Case: Waterproof Protective Case for your Equipment

Max 1100

1100mm x 370mm x 140mm

Max 235-D

235mm x 180mm x 156mm

Max 235-S

235mm x 180mm x 106mm

Max 300

300mm x 225mm x 132mm

Max 430

426mm x 290mm x 159mm

Max 500

500mm x 350mm x 194mm

Max 520

520mm x 290mm x 200mm

Max 540-D

538mm x 405mm x 245mm

Max 540-S

538mm x 405mm x 190mm

Max 620-D

620mm x 460mm x 340mm

Max 620-S

620mm x 460mm x 250mm

Max 750-D

750mm x 480mm x 400mm