Extreme Cases – Custom Aluminium Containers

Made to measure, custom built cases configured exactly to your requirements.


Extreme Cases are made from a special high-tensile aluminium alloy, which provides both lightweight and naturally impact resistant and crushproof protection. These cases are up to 40% lighter than their moulded plastic case equivalents and are custom designed to your exact specification.

With a wide range of optional accessories, such as wheels, pressure release valves, humidity indicators and slide-out internal racks, this range of exceptional cases will be perfect for your exceptional requirements.

key points

  • Reinforced corner crumple zones to absorb shock
  • Snap-back handles with extra-long fixable bale suitable for Arctic mitts
  • Precision welded, high tensile, crushproof aluminium body
  • Self-locking sprung fasteners
  • Overhanging lid protects latches and handles
  • Stacking feature allows inter-stacking of Euro pallet sizes


Ensuring your equipment arrives safely and securely, avoiding any damage in transit is hugely important, and the Extreme Lockdown range of alumnium containers will do just that. Made from high-tensile aluminium alloy, the containers are lightweight and naturally resistant to impact.

This doesn’t mean customisability should be compromised; these containers can be standard Euro pallet size or they can be custom engineered Special to Contents Containers (STCC).


The Extreme Transporter custom aluminium equipment cases are ideal when you need a high degree of customisation. Being manufactured from aluminium, these cases are lighter than their moulded plastic case equivalents and can easily be shielded and made to meet your specifications. The high strength aluminium alloy offers optimal tensile and sheet strength.

Options include, but are not limited to, handles, latches, hinged or lift off lids, heat sinks, custom panels and bespoke foam fittings. Enquire for more information.