Whether you are looking for shipping options for a small business or a big corporation, when considering different delivery methods, there are a variety of options available, and it can be difficult to know which will be the best solution for your individual needs.

When considering shipping any item, it is vital to think about cost, speed and convenience. But while all of these are important, the most essential factor to take into consideration is how you will ensure your item arrives in one piece.

There are three main types of shipping, with every type having different potential issues with keeping your items secure. MSA can adapt to any method you choose and can develop custom case inserts that will ensure your products meet their destination safely.


If you are shipping internationally, air is usually the fastest way of getting your products from A to B. Because planes can easily go across borders and have a much faster travel time than boats, if you are shipping internationally and speed is your main concern, air travel may be where you should consider.

While it is often the fastest way to ship products, because of weight restrictions and space limitations with aeroplanes, if you are shipping a particularly large or heavy product your costs could be significantly affected. Shipping items by air would be beneficial to businesses with smaller items that need to travel a long distance quickly.

MSA is well equipped if you are planning to ship any product by air, and we also have a range of experience working in the aerospace industry itself.


Shipping by land is often considered safer than air and sea. Delivering products by car or train is generally much cheaper than by air and quicker than shipping by sea. For companies that operate within landlocked areas or ship items that won’t be crossing borders, delivering items by land may be the only option. In these cases, it is worth considering whether to use a courier service, or explore other land options.

Although it is often considered the safest method of transportation, even delivering products by land can provide risk with certain more valuable or fragile items. By using MSA to package and protect your items you will be able to make sure your items are delivered safely and securely. With our foam cutting services, we will make sure that your items have a made to measure shipping solution which can also incorporate your marketing by displaying brand logos or imagery.


Transporting goods by sea is one of the cheapest ways to move items around the globe, but is also one of the most time consuming. Because cargo ships are relatively slow and have to dock at ports, often waiting in queues before they do so, shipping by sea freight can take considerably more time than by air.

Delivering goods by sea may be suited to businesses that are not delivering valuable items, or there is less of a necessity for speed to be a primary consideration. Delivering goods on cargo ships is also suited to businesses that are delivering bigger quantities of products, as merchant ships have fewer weight or size restrictions than other delivery methods.

Shipping Solutions

What is the best shipping method depends on each individual company and their needs, but no matter which method of shipping works the best for your business, MSA will be able to provide you with tailor made solutions to your delivery needs. We work within a number of sectors including engineering, broadcast and energy and renewables and our team can create bespoke protection for your equipment.

Speak to a member of our team now to see how we can help you with your shipping needs.