Losing a product because it’s been damaged during transit is every supplier’s nightmare. And while there are plenty of packaging options out there, how can you be 100% certain that you’re keeping your products as safe as possible during shipment?

One of the most efficient ways of protecting products and cases from damage is through custom foam packaging. Not only is this type of packaging reliable, but it also offers excellent protection against some of the worst kinds of damage that can occur during transit.
Here’s why you should consider investing in one of our foam packaging systems for your business!

The importance of using protective foam packaging

There are a number of reasons why protective foam packaging is considered one of the best means of protecting items during shipping and transit.

In fact, protective foam packaging materials can provide exceptional protection against shock damage, physical impact, vibration damage, inclement weather conditions, extreme temperatures and other potentially harmful situations that can destroy or severely damage products.

Packaging foam materials are available in a wide range of densities, thicknesses and protective levels, so you’re sure to find protection for your product or fragile item no matter what industry you operate in.

How does custom foam packaging protect from damage?

When protective foam packaging is used in cases to hold items in place during shipping and transit, it absorbs shock while also protecting products from impact. It does this through tiny air bubbles that are in the foam, which provide excellent cushioning and give it bounce, resulting in a high-performance material that excels at protecting products.

Foam is also non-abrasive, meaning it won’t scratch or leave any marks on the products it’s protecting. Compared to traditional protective packaging materials like corrugated cardboard boxes and wooden crates, protective foam packaging is far more durable and reliable.

What are the benefits of foam packaging besides protection?

It keeps products clean and reduces excess waste

As we mentioned above, foam is non-abrasive, meaning it won’t leave any nasty marks on the products you’re shipping. Compared with other types of transport packaging, such as shredded paper and single-use plastic, foam reduces excess waste and mess; something that the receiver of the package will not want to deal with after opening it!

It’s versatile

Protective foam packaging is lightweight, making it easier to transport and store. The protective material also performs well in both hot and cold climates and can help maintain the temperature of products while they’re being shipped.

If you opt for MSA’s custom foam packaging, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the types of products you can transport safely and securely. Our custom foam cutting services allow us to make a packaging solution that’s completely bespoke to your product’s shape and size. So whether you transport your product in a case or a container, rest assured that we’ll have a foam to suit!

It’s cost-effective for shipping

The heavier a package, the more you’ll have to pay to transport it, which is why you’ll always want to pick a lightweight shipping material to ship your products in. Foam is light and strong, meaning that you can ship potentially heavier or bulkier products without the extra costs.

The protective foam also helps prevent damage to goods during transit, which can result in significant cost savings if it prevents your product from breaking before it reaches its destination.

Protect your products with our protective foam packaging system

At MSA, we have a wide assortment of single-use and reusable protective foam packaging options for you to choose from. Using our foam cutting technology and the biggest foam design team in the UK, we’ll happily help you come up with a protective foam solution to suit your needs.

If you have any further questions or would like any advice on our protective foam packaging, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the MSA team who will be more than happy to assist you.