Whether transporting antiques or watches, the safety of goods is paramount. It is especially important for collectible and antique artefacts that are difficult to replace if they are damaged during shipment. As a result, even if your one-of-a-kind items don’t appear to be very delicate, you should ensure that they are properly packaged.

This is also true for people who have a collection insurance policy, as you would most likely prefer to keep your valuable artworks rather than the money paid for them. After all, a broken antique piece could spell the end of a family saga.

Product packaging tips

Protective foam packaging

The item will be kept clean and protected by MSA’s protective foam cutting service. We would recommend this type of foam for any antique or valuable item, as we can cut the foam in a way so that it covers the item completely.

Shock and vibration protection

This layer’s role is to absorb minor shocks that happen during transportation. For this, you could utilise either one or a combination of foam, bubble wrap, packing peanuts or even blankets, for example.

Protective shell

Your precious antiques are protected from the most extreme impacts of relocation by the uppermost layer. A crushproof case is an excellent accessory here, particularly those suited for pairing with custom foam inserts.

Smaller antiques should be packed as firmly and as separately as possible; the less movement they have, the less likely they will be damaged.

Foam inserts for cases

Custom foam inserts paired with a heavy duty protective case is the only fool-proof way to store and protect smaller valuables such as watches and cameras.

Our custom foam products are made to preserve your belongings while also assisting you in organising them. Our toolbox inserts are composed of two-tone layered foam, which provides excellent protection against ordinary knocks and scrapes as well as more dangerous drops from higher heights, etc. If you don’t have custom foam inside your case, a fall from any height will just bash your products against each other in the box.

Protective foam packaging is regarded as one of the greatest ways to preserve valuable objects and products for a variety of reasons.

In fact, shock damage, physical impact, vibration damage, high temperatures, and other potentially dangerous scenarios that can destroy or seriously damage products can all be prevented with protective foam packaging solutions.

Product packaging from MSA

We have a variety of single-use and reusable protective foam packaging choices at MSA for you to pick from. We’ll gladly assist you in developing a protective foam solution that meets your needs, using our foam cutting equipment and the UK’s largest foam design staff.

Contact a member of our team today for more information about our foam cutting services.