Custom and protective foam is an extremely versatile material that can be used to protect all manner of valuables, instruments and equipment. Therefore, it is no wonder that a number of industries rely on custom foam services to operate their day-to-day business.

This guide looks at the industries that rely on protective foam and what they use it for. See your industry listed here? Get in touch with the team at MSA for a free and friendly consultation about how our services can keep your business’ equipment safe.

Why use protective foam?

First and foremost, protective foam has the ability to keep equipment safe during transit, so for musicians, medical staff and antique dealers, foam is a great alternative to driving slowly. That said, anyone who manufactures and transports any type of goods could benefit from using protective foam packing.


Engineered polymers are utilised to make foams that meet the stringent requirements of the aviation and aerospace sectors. Protective packaging that is suited for purpose, whether single-use or reusable – all of which can incorporate custom-designed inserts to defend against FOD (foreign object damage) while increasing pack density.

Custom and protective foams are used in flight-deck pads and passenger cabin applications such as seating, overhead luggage bins, galleys, bathrooms, and more.


The automotive industry relies on custom foam and bespoke foam inserts for a wide range of uses, including dividers – which allow the passage of several components in a single container, or containers specifically intended for KLT and stillage.

Car manufacturers use foam within the build of new cars, to block out outside noise and keep new models lightweight. We can meet the demands of every automotive-related project that is proposed to us as leading automotive foam suppliers.


The broadcast industry relies on a number of expensive equipment that is often transported from one location to another. Protective foam can house filmmaking and studio equipment, including microphones, lighting units, cameras, autocues or talkback equipment.


In the defence and military industry, it is important to make sure equipment is kept in cases with anti-scratch and impact protection for a variety of packaging applications. MSA provides an ISO qualified and MOD authorised custom foam service with extensive experience aiding with the provision of Military Level Packaging and securing NATO stock numbers.

Energy & Renewables

The energy and renewables sector relies on foam protection to keep resources and transported elements safe from damage. Tool control systems can be created using coloured foam layers, to ensure you have the right tool for the job – these are useful for identifying tools and for transit purposes.

MSA provides protection for this industry from cardboard trays, to Euro Containers, all the way up to high spec Peli Hardigg Roto Moulded Cases.


Engineers need to be organised and foam offers protection for tool control and material handling. At MSA, we have a wide range of foams available: including foams with flame retardant, anti-static and static dissipative properties. Suitable for the vast, and ever-growing engineering industry.


Whether you’re promoting a new product, carrying goods to an event or presenting a project – foam can be utilised for many purposes to support the marketing industry. Our foam is non-abrasive, meaning it won’t leave any unwarranted marks on the products you’re shipping or presenting.


Quality control cannot be compromised in the medical industry, that’s why medical packaging is at the forefront of importance. Medical instruments or thermo-controlled units for logistical and storage purposes are of the utmost importance when transporting anything for hospitals, laboratories and clinics. At MSA, we pride ourselves in being medical foam manufacturers.

How MSA can help you

MSA provides custom foam solutions, clever product packaging, cardboard trays, Euro Containers, and high spec Peli Cases. Get in touch with a member of the team for a confidential and friendly chat. Our custom foam cutting services allow us to make a packaging solution that’s completely bespoke to your product’s shape and size.

Take a look at our guide to why foam packaging might be your most effective marketing tool yet. Our blog section offers a lot of information on what we do here at MSA, how we can help you with your next project and other useful information.