Over the years, we have been asked to work on a variety of unique projects that show just how versatile foam is as a material, and how adaptable our team is at working with it. We’ve seen Peli cases and custom foam come together to create some truly unique pieces.

We decided to compile a list of some of the more unusual and unique uses of custom foam our team have seen, to show just how customisable it really is!


One of our customers, ‘Robots In Schools’, requested a Peli case with custom foam case inserts, to fit their bionic friend. This kit was created using custom foam and is sent to schools within the UK, allowing children to learn through play.

Narwhal Horn Transportation Case

One of our most unparalleled foam requests was from ‘Worshipful Company of Horners’, who requested a custom foam insert to store none other than a Narwhal Horn!

The purpose of the case is to transport the horn to and from museums. It’s safe to say, this isn’t a request we get too often.

Medical Supports

We often work closely with companies in the medical sector, such as Amdel Medical, to create custom foam solutions that aid with treatment. This knee support for patients undergoing MRI scanning was created using a 3D machined fittings design. It’s amazing to see something as simple as foam create such a beneficial solution.


We did start by saying some of the pieces created were unusual, but this one takes the crown for us…

This hoverboard was a personal project of Ben Williams, one of our expert foam designers. In order to create this replica, Ben said:

“I devised a new manufacturing method that used 15mm thick waterjet cut pieces of different colours to be inlaid together inside a foam ‘frame’. Each infill is designed to provide a snug fit once in the frame.

After having set all pieces in place, this was then passed through our slitter, to reduce the overall thickness to 10mm, leaving a nice clean and flat upper surface. Once sliced, I affixed topside and underside foams, to a 6mm PP panel for extra rigidity.

I then laser engraved the final piece, adding further texture and detail. Then also adding the final features on the underside.”

Originally featured in ‘Back to the Future’, it’s amazing to see the resemblance it carries. Can you guess which one is which?


How can foam inserts protect my items?

Each of our foam case inserts are custom designed by our team to provide bespoke protection to your products. By being made with your specific item in mind, we can ensure that they have the maximum possible protection.

Are foam inserts for use in boxes or cases?

Our foam inserts are fully customisable, so can be used in either boxes, or any sort of case. Whatever container you are looking for, we will be apple to create a foam solution that is the perfect fit. We are experts in industrial packing foam and can provide unrivalled protection for your items, wherever they are stored.

Our foam cutting machinery ensures that we can cut intricate shapes and designs into our foams, meaning we can create the ideal solution for any project, no matter how big or small.

Custom foam

As you’ve now seen, we really specialise in custom made foam inserts. The abilities of our custom foam team at MSA are extremely extensive, and the team works closely with each customer to create a custom foam storage solution to suit their requirements perfectly. We work in a variety of industries, from broadcast to renewable energy, and our team is happy to advise on any enquiry.

Get in touch with a member of our team for a custom foam enquiry, or take a look at all our case customisation options.