Pegboards and Shadow boards can assist in keeping your workspace organised and all of your tools in one location, so you can find them quickly. When it comes to choosing between a shadow board and a pegboard, many people ask which is the better option. This blog will walk you through each product and the benefits it may provide for your workplace, allowing you to decide which is best for you.

What is a pegboard?

The typical pegboard is a wooden panel with holes through which pegs can be inserted and tools mounted. Since its invention by a doctor who wished to keep his surgical equipment separated, it’s also been used for hanging work tools like hammers and wrenches, and it can be constructed out of any hardboard, from wood to steel.

What is a shadow board?

A shadow board is a tool for organising a collection of tools; it specifies where certain equipment should be stored when not in use. The contours of a production station’s tools are highlighted on shadow boards, allowing users to easily recognise whether tools are in use or absent. Typically, the boards are placed near the workstation where the tools are utilised. A clip is fastened to keep the tool firmly in place. They’re extremely common in the workplace.

Advantages of tool pegboards

Pegboards are typically used for home DIY, gardening and other little projects because they are not as effective at managing the workplace. A great alternative if you do not have the space for a pegboard but need somewhere to store your tools safely, are custom foam inserts which can be easily fitted into your toolbox and customised to your specifications.

Advantages of Shadow boards

The shadow board provides a lot of advantages. For starters, it’s much less wasteful in regard to the production process, but it is also less wasteful in terms of time, as less time is spent searching for the suitable tool due to the shadows. They are also relatively inexpensive, making them very cost-effective for businesses trying to offer organisation on a tight budget.

Tool storage with MSA

It’s important to use the correct foam inserts in combination with a protective case to keep your valuable tools safe. Leave it in the safe hands of our skilled team to create bespoke foam inserts to fit your criteria with our creative foam cutting service, which allows you to totally modify your foam inserts to fulfil your particular requirements.

Please feel free to contact a member of the MSA team if you have any additional queries or need guidance on designing suitable protective cases with foam inserts.