There’s nothing worse than a cluttered toolbox. Not only does it hinder employee productivity, but it can often lead to those precious tools going missing – something that can be very costly to replace in the long run!

Our tool control foam offers plenty of benefits for businesses when it comes to storage and organisation. From toolbox foam drawer liners to toolbox inserts, our custom foam cutting services can help you to organise your equipment efficiently, whilst also providing a high-quality, professional finish.

Let’s run you through some of the advantages that our impression foam for tools can offer your company…

Here’s why you should use custom foam toolbox inserts for your tool storage:

1. Helps to protect your tools

This one might be the most obvious advantage of custom foam, but it’s also one of the most important. The foam for our toolbox inserts can be cut to the shape of the tools you’d like to use, ensuring that they fit snugly and safely in your case or toolbox. By placing your equipment in tool control foam, you’ll also keep them protected from the outside elements that can wear your tools, such as moisture and dust.

2. Improves organisation

As we mentioned above, cluttered toolboxes are a recipe for disaster – employees can end up wasting valuable time searching for a tool they need to complete a task. With tool control foam sheets that are inserted into their toolboxes, your team can easily locate the tool they need in seconds.

The same applies to larger storage drawers in your office, warehouse or workshop. When your tools are organised and stored correctly, everyone in your company will know exactly where to go when they need to use a piece of equipment.

3. Sets standards for your employees

Instilling standard practises at work is a crucial part of any business. And believe it or not, tool control foam can help you to set organisation standards for your employees. Our foam allows for uniformity at your workplace, as all of your tools will be stored in one way. All of your employees have to store their tools in the foam inserts, not in the way they want to store them.

4. Strengthens your company branding

Tool control foam is a great way to promote your company’s brand. And because all of our custom foam toolbox inserts are bespoke, the possibilities are endless!

You can make sure that custom foam inserts are printed with your branding colours, so when others see the foam they will know exactly who it belongs to – which is a big step towards increasing the brand awareness of your business. From dark greys to vibrant yellows, you can choose from a wide variety of colours to elevate your finished product to your brand aesthetic.

5. Increases employee productivity

When your employees are able to find their tools quickly, they can spend more time working – making foam tool inserts a cost-effective way of boosting productivity within the workplace!

Our foam is also designed with cuts for each individual tool – which means that it allows employees to see where each piece of equipment is stored. This reduces frustration and speeds up the process, allowing them to access the tools that they need quickly to get the job done.

MSA can supply custom tool control foam for your UK business!

If you’re looking for a foam cutting service, then look no further than MSA – we’ve been designing foam inserts for toolboxes for over 20 years! In combination with our branding services, we’ll design a tool insert that will not only help you manage your equipment better but will also give you a high-quality, professional look.

If you have any further questions or would like any advice on creating suitable protective cases with foam inserts, please do not hesitate to get in touch!