The craft drinks market is skyrocketing globally but that doesn’t mean the market is saturated. If you get your marketing strategies right for this extremely popular consumer business, you’re well on your way to making a brand that everyone wants on their bar menu. Follow our simple craft drinks B2C marketing strategy, and you can thank us later!

Marketing strategies for alcoholic beverages

Identifying your consumer

First and foremost, you must construct what is known as a buyer persona. To do so, you’ll need to do a detailed analysis that will provide you with insight into the typical buyer’s profile.

Craft drinks customers tend to fit a general profile of individuals with an average education who appreciate outdoor sports, with the majority being Generation X or Millennials. They enjoy experimenting with new flavours and socialising.

Identifying the brand

This step will include the creation of the logo, packaging, taps, merchandising/POS, and marketing signs, all of which will provide your business with a distinct and unique image.

Brand message

It’s critical for craft beer and beverage companies to develop a storytelling style that provides a step-by-step explanation of the brand’s ethos and entrepreneurial culture, as well as its heritage and product qualities.

Product quality

If there’s one aspect of a B2C campaign for craft beers or beverages that you must maintain, it’s the provision, circulation, supply, and consistent quality control of the goods. Instead of launching multiple products at once, start with a small number and gather feedback. You may need to improve your flagship product.

Digital marketing

Identifying the numerous constraints that surround businesses such as alcohol is critical to implementing a sound strategy aimed at reaching a larger audience. Alcohol brands are better positioned to create solutions that help convert more customers with data-driven insights and established audience personas. With the rise of microbreweries and distilleries, the industry has become more competitive, necessitating the exploration of new digital marketing funnels.

Content and social media

The building of a journey is fundamental to the content marketing strategy. Customers can uncover elements of a brand that obviously resonate with them or compel them to interact. Content marketing has become a critical component in developing strong digital marketing strategies. Rather than simply promoting a product, smart firms are creating social media postings, blog entries, influencer pieces, and other content to better connect with their target consumers.

It’s essential to keep reader engagement options simple, quick, and easy. You will lose almost half of your followers if you force them to click to another site for content or access. Engage readers with a short video that goes straight to your Twitter or Facebook feed, and you’ll get instant attention.

Photos, short videos, audio, recipes, discounts, and invitations are all examples of content. The content must represent the message of your company.

Custom foam inserts for your craft drink business

If presentations, exhibitions or pop up stands are going to form part of your marketing strategy, carefully transporting your goods and presenting them in a professional way will no doubt be a vital factor to think about. With our custom foam inserts and support from the UK’s largest foam design experts, we’ll be able to assist you with building a protective foam solution that matches your business plans and expectations.

To find out more about our specialised marketing presentation cases, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the MSA team who will be more than happy to assist you.