Making a case for the peli

When it comes to protecting equipment against the worst of weather in the most demanding of situations, we can make a case for a water, dust and crushproof Peli.


The case range is manufactured from a proprietary co-polymer resin which has an open cell core with solid walls. This makes the case walls extremely strong without adding additional weight and still able to flex while protecting against drops, knocks and bumps. The cases are designed with a series of ribs of varying length and thickness to add strength while minimising weight to areas vulnerable to impact in the course of rigorous handling.


Protection against dust ingress is offered by the neoprene o’ring which is embedded into a groove in the case lid. When closed, the o’ring compresses to form the tight seal between lid and case base which protects the contents.


The co-polymer resin that the cases are manufactured from offer excellent resistance to chemicals and water making the outer walls of the case impervious to liquids. The cases are fitted with an automatic pressure valve to control interior air pressures and keep water out. Finally, the o’ring provides that essential waterproof seal when the case is shut.


The resin is also resistant to weathering or oxidation making the cases ideal for use in extreme weather conditions or marine environments. Hinge and latch pins along with the padlock lug protectors on the cases are made of stainless steel to ensure that the cases are fully corrosion proof.