With summer upon us, events across the country are beginning to take shape. Equipment will be packed into vans and lorries to be transported to every corner of the country in order for people to enjoy sports, music, and art with likeminded people. For those organising the festivals and sporting events, this can often prove to be a logistical nightmare.

On top of organising entertainment, finding a suitable location, and arranging staff, shipping and delivering professional events equipment for these events is something that needs careful consideration. Each type of event will have different things to consider, and organisers will need to think about how best to deliver the equipment they need.

Sporting events

From bike races and marathons to British staples like Wimbledon, huge sporting events are taking place throughout the country during summer. As with most events, for non-specialist equipment, it is best to source these as close to the location as possible, or to receive delivery from a supplier. For cones, barriers and other similar materials, event equipment delivery is easier. These items can be sourced and delivered directly from the manufacturer, saving you the job of organising transport. For specialist equipment like rackets and expensive custom made items, bespoke packaging will work best, to ensure they arrive in one piece.

Bike event delivery can be a particularly difficult task to master. With specialist bikes fetching thousands of pounds, it’s important to be careful when considering how to ship them. For bikes being shipped abroad, sending the bike in parts is an option, with particularly high-priced parts in customised packaging to ensure their safe arrival. You will need to track your equipment every step of the way, to leave nothing to chance.

Charity events

A variety of charity events will run every summer. From sponsored walks, charity balls and even barbeques with a fundraising theme. All of these events, no matter how big or small, have some equipment that will need transporting. The best option is to source local items where possible. Other important equipment is best packaged safely and transported with yourself, a member of your team, or a trusted courier.

Music events

Various music events, from festivals to large concerts, take place almost every day throughout the summer months. Because these events often take place in fields, forests and even beaches, looking after the equipment is more important than ever. Once you have your equipment on site, we recommend using trolleys or vehicles with good suspension to reduce vibrations when moving equipment around.

Events equipment delivery and transport can often be tense, with the entire event relying on the equipment arriving on time and in working condition. When shipping your equipment, do your research for specialist courier services that are used to dealing with high value, fragile deliveries, and get insurance. Event equipment hire is another option that will often leave the shipping responsibility with the company you are hiring from. When shipping your own equipment, make sure you get bespoke protection to keep it safe during transit. Our foam cutting service means you can get fully customised laser cut foam protection, for any of your essential equipment.

Filming your event?

These days, most large events are recorded or streamed live. From Glastonbury to the London Marathon, events across the country are broadcasted on TV and online, so people across the world can experience the atmosphere without being there. With this added element, there is the extra process of transporting broadcast equipment when organising any big event. MSA has vast experience working in the broadcast industry, and can help ensure that cameras, microphones, and any other important equipment are delivered to the site in one piece.

Protection you can rely on

At MSA, we can create custom foam inserts for whatever requirements you have. Our industrial packing foam is capable of protecting any event equipment you may need to ship, and items can be remotely scanned to make our service as simple as possible. Contact a member of our team today to discuss how we can help.