For quite some time, brands have increasingly recognised that packaging can be their most effective marketing tool yet. And while the external part of packaging has been at the forefront, did you know that what’s inside the box can play a part in promoting your brand too?

Protective foam packaging not only offers protection during transit, it can be so important to your brand because of how versatile it is as a marketing tool. If you’re thinking of investing in a custom foam packaging system to protect your products during transit, here’s why it can also become your most effective marketing tool yet!

Why is foam packaging so important?

For customers, there’s nothing worse than ordering an item from a company, only to receive it damaged or broken. That’s why it’s important to invest in ways that can help you to protect your products as they’re being transported. One of the most effective ways to ensure your products are protected while in transit is to use protective foam packaging.

In fact, foam packaging can provide exceptional protection against shock damage, physical impact, vibration damage, weather conditions, extreme temperatures and other potentially harmful situations that can destroy or severely damage your products.

But besides protection, custom foam can also help to boost the reputation of your company through effective marketing and branding. Here’s why!

Here’s why you should use protective foam packaging to promote your brand

As retail continues to shift from physical stores to digital, the unboxing experience in your customers’ homes is replacing the in-store experience. The elements that draw consumers into a shop (like branding, merchandising, personalised services, and even music) are not being replicated by businesses enough with home deliveries.

This is where custom foam packaging can help. How? Well, protective packaging can boost the reputation of your company by:

Promoting your brand image

At MSA, we have a custom foam cutting and engraving service that is completely unique! This allows us to produce bespoke foam packaging materials with a variety of design and colour options. We can even add company logos too.

This helps to boost brand recognition further and makes it easier for customers to remember who they have purchased from. It can also effectively integrate with any marketing campaign you run.

Showcasing the sustainable choices your brand is making

Consumers are now looking for packaging options that are not harmful to the environment. Plenty of companies out there still protect the items they ship with excessive amounts of single-use plastic.

By using our reusable custom foam, you can reduce the amount of waste and excess mess that traditional forms of packaging often produce. It also helps to keep your customers’ items clean during transit due to its non-abrasive nature.

Conveying a professional image

All of MSA’s foam packaging products, like our case inserts, are designed with presentation in mind. This helps to boost the customer experience when they open their parcel, positively reinforcing brand perception and image.

Ensuring your commitment to protecting your customers’ purchases

Foam protective packaging can offer your customer great levels of protection for their items, ensuring they receive their parcels in one piece! Customers are more likely to buy from you again if they have peace of mind that their items will arrive safely and undamaged.

Promote your brand with custom foam packaging from MSA

At MSA, we have a wide assortment of protective foam packaging options for you to choose from that’ll help boost your brand trust and loyalty. Using our foam cutting technology and the biggest foam design team in the UK, we’ll happily help you come up with a custom foam solution to suit your marketing needs.

If you have any further questions or would like any advice on our protective foam packaging, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the MSA team who will be more than happy to assist you.