If you’re a DIY enthusiast or simply want to be prepared for basic repair and maintenance projects around the house, you probably have a large collection of hand and power tools. These tools, which range from socket sets and screwdrivers to pliers, drill bits, and jigsaws, were most likely accumulated over time and cost a significant amount of money, so it makes sense to safeguard them and keep them well organised within a toolbox or tool chest.
It can be eye-opening to look at the impact that not using foam correctly — or at all – can have on your valuables.

Custom foam could be the sole thing keeping your expensive specialised equipment from getting destroyed while in transportation (and the associated cost of repair, replacement or even writing off the item).

Benefits of foam inserts

There are three main ways foam inserts in protective cases will offer protection for your tools or valuables:

  • Reducing movement from the outer casing
  • Shock and impact absorption
  • Specialist surface protection

How to reduce damage with foam inserts

When looking for protective foam inserts, the first thing to examine is how they prevent tools or equipment from moving around within the outside case.There are two ways that this could cause potential damage.

For starters, any tools that are not secured within the case could be harmed if it collides with the outer case’s walls. This is quite possible, as the contents of the outer case will shift and clash with the external container’s walls every time it is handled or simply picked up. Second, and very similar to the above, if many tools or materials are contained within an external case, they may collide with one another, which can also cause damage.

As a result, custom foam inserts can be precisely customised to your products or equipment utilising 3D modelling and CAD design to provide the best protection. In effect, they stop all items from moving about inside the case.

Even though parts or materials cannot move within a transit case, they will be subject to external forces on the case if it is neglected. This could be due to a drop, being thrown into the rear of a car, or even the long-term effects of vibration on a specialised object. However, predictive software may be used to design foam inserts that absorb these forces by controlling the deceleration of the goods within. This implies that if a case is dropped within a certain range of heights, the foam will compress before returning to its former shape, effectively cushioning the contents.

Why you should invest in foam inserts with MSA

Combining the right foam inserts with a protective case is vital for protecting a number of valuable items from specialist tools to expensive cameras and accessories. Our innovative foam design services allow you to completely customise your foam inserts to suit exact requirements, leave it in the capable hands of our expert team who can create custom foam inserts to meet your criteria.

If you have any further questions, or would like any advice on creating suitable protective cases with foam inserts, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the MSA team who will be more than happy to assist you.