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A guide to anti-static packaging materials

Foam insert with excess being cut away

As a business owner, you’ll want to have the right packaging materials for your products or equipment. For electronics and computer parts, anti-static packaging is an absolute essential. Many electronic components are extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharges and are at risk of being damaged. The underlying circuitry of components or microprocessors can be severely damaged […]

Marketing considerations when launching a craft drinks business

The craft drinks market is skyrocketing globally but that doesn’t mean the market is saturated. If you get your marketing strategies right for this extremely popular consumer business, you’re well on your way to making a brand that everyone wants on their bar menu. Follow our simple craft drinks B2C marketing strategy, and you can […]

Takeaways from the Government’s energy security strategy

The Government’s announcement on their new energy strategy could mean big changes for the industry in the coming years. The strategy aims to increase wind, hydrogen and solar production and improve UK energy independence, whilst also addressing rising prices of energy that customers have been seeing. These rises are due to a variety of global […]

What packaging do I need to protect my valuable products?

Whether transporting antiques or watches, the safety of goods is paramount. It is especially important for collectible and antique artefacts that are difficult to replace if they are damaged during shipment. As a result, even if your one-of-a-kind items don’t appear to be very delicate, you should ensure that they are properly packaged. This is […]

How foam can save your business money in damages

Did you realise that the appropriate packing supplies might help your company save money over time? Industrial packing foam not only reduces losses and returns, but also safeguards your business’ reputation. Invest in foam packaging products Yes, it will inevitably incur extra costs to package and protect your products safely, however it will cost your […]

How to maximise your shipping efficiency during staff shortages

Over the last year, the shipping sector has experienced an exceptional lack of truck drivers across the board. Shippers’ responses to disruptions and deviations have improved thanks to advances in logistics technology and creative techniques. Because more than half of all freight shipped in the UK goes by highway, the driver shortage has a significant […]

The top 5 benefits of using foam storage for tools

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered toolbox. Not only does it hinder employee productivity, but it can often lead to those precious tools going missing – something that can be very costly to replace in the long run! Our tool control foam offers plenty of benefits for businesses when it comes to storage and organisation. […]