Presentation Cases

With presentation cases in the range to suit every budget, from simple plastic cases through to bespoke custom build, we can guide you through the range to find a presentation case which will display your product to show it off at its very best.

From simple single skin plastic cases to high specification resin protector cases, the right presentation case makes a bold statement reflecting the quality, value and the purpose of your product in addition to supporting the marketing of the range.

Bespoke branding both inside and out with a wide range of foam colours, laser engraving, screen printing and custom labelling to feature a brand message on or in the case, associating the brand with the product being presented. A wide range of case colours are available to support brand identity.

As a sales tool for representatives, it is the opportunity to present both brand and products to their best advantage ensuring organised and uniform presentation of sales samples. Samples are nestled securely in the case base foam. A pocket created in the lid foam to hold a brochure and business card completes a sample case.