Minimum size – maximum protection

There are many advantages in choosing a custom case to store or transport equipment over an off the shelf product. It is no longer a question of which case is nearest to the dimensions needed or using an oversized case because it is the only case that meets the depth required. Built specifically to fit the product’s dimensions providing flexible sizing, weight efficiency and full customisation.

Custom cases can be fully tailored to the product. This bespoke approach ensures that not only do you get a perfect fit with a precision cut foam interior, the case is optimised for storage or transportation as weight and size are kept to the minimum without compromising on protection.

Exo cases

Extreme cases

Fully customised construction

Designed to meet specific access needs, custom cases can be constructed with lids which lift-off, front and rear panels which open or remove completely, or top hat lids. These solutions are particularly suited to equipment which are used in a case and provides easy access to controls and connectors. Top hat style lids are ideal for equipment which remains in the base of the case during use and this style of lid makes the top and four sides fully accessible when removed.

A wide choice of panel material including lightweight honeycomb sheet, laminated plywood and aluminium ensures that the perfect balance of weight and protection is achieved. The range of panel colours available enhances branding and company identity. Logos and product information can be added by screen printing, laser etching and/or decals to complete the case.

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