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Remote Product Scanning

We know that it is not always easy to transport an item you need to protect. Sometimes the item is just too sensitive or precious. That is why we are proud to be the only custom foam service that offers a nationwide remote product scanning service.


Nationwide Service

Our nationwide team of consultants are fully trained to execute a second-to-none scanning of your component, on site, so neither you nor your item need to leave the office.


Portable 3D Scanner

In order for us to be as flexible as possible in providing you with the custom cut foam you need, we have invested in portable 3D scanning technology and a nationwide team of custom foam experts, which allows for on location scanning capturing complex shapes with ease.



Our scanners provide a full 3D virtual representation of your component, facilitating for a greater detail in design and more efficient manufacturing process.

Submitting CAD Files

Submitting your designs couldn’t be easier

Fill in the form below and attach the CAD file and send it to us, once recieved, we will review the design and information requested and contact you regarding your order as soon as possible.

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Our Nationwide Representatives

We are the only custom foam company in the UK with a nationwide team.

This means that we can come to you and begin the consultation process quicker than anyone else can.

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