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Peli-Hardigg Transportation Cases

Peli-Hardigg cases are the perfect option when it comes to transporting high-value goods. Manufactured from high-impact polyethylene, they are durable and waterproof, with recessed handles and integrated stacking ribs. First created in 1969, since then the range of Peli-Hardigg cases has grown considerably and a large number of standard cases are now available.


Anti-shear locks:
Moulded, interlocking blocks are matched around the rim of the case. When the case takes an impact, the lid stays aligned to the base.

Tougher corners: Resin powder is loaded into a mould attached to a biaxial arm. 15%-20% more resin accumulates in the corners and edges, resulting in more material (and therefore more strength) in the corners.

Watertight tongue and groove seal:
Keep your gear dry and dust-free in the harshest environments with the help of a watertight tongue and groove seal.

Recessed hardware, columnar ribs: Recessed handles, latches and hinges prevents them from being sheared off during transport. Moulded ribs create incredibly strong forms from lightweight material. Same sized cases have matching ribs, so they won’t move when stacked.

Customisation: One of the main advantages of choosing Peli-Hardigg cases is the high degree of customisation on offer. The cases can be updated to meet your needs. Including wheels, handles, latches, document holders, skid runners or casters, tie down rings, forklift spacers, bash-plates and humidity indicators.

Types of Peli-Hardigg Cases


Rack Mount cases are perfect for transporting ultra-fragile electronic equipment as well as more rugged electronics, with shock and vibration protection and portability. With optional slide out frames and access from both ends, rack boxes enable sophisticated electronics to be deployed in any environment.


Single Lid cases are lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, and heat and chemical-resistant. They are perfect for transporting any kind of equipment.


Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP) Cases help eliminate any problems with load movement to avoid damaging equipment. Peli’s patent pending system is available in 6 sizes from 4 to 25 cubic feet of storage, designing to cube out perfectly on standard pallet sizes. Built with military logistics in mind, these rugged cases can be cross-stacked and interlocked to form a solid, palletized load.

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