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We recently completed a custom foam job for Amada UK, a large machine tool manufacturer. They had a need for rugged cases with foam fittings to hold laser cut samples from two of their latest machines, to be used by their salespeople to showcase the precision and quality of their machines.

Travelling to their subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain and Portugal, these cases needed to be tough, durable and lightweight, so we opted for the Dave range.

am2.jpg am1.jpg

“It was a pleasure to work with a company that is so professionally dedicated to the products they produce and the service that goes with it. From start to finish everything revolved around us and our idea’s, the turn-around was incredible, even when faced with a tight schedule and the products are second to none” - Thomas Preen, Consultant Engineer at Amada UK.

am3.jpg am4.jpg

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